Sustainability Story


At The bonnie mob, we are committed to sustainability and our motto, since launching in 2005, has always been ‘Buy once, Buy well, Pass it on’. Our bright and playful clothes are designed and made to last. We love nothing more than hearing that a much-loved piece of knitwear for baby has been passed down to a sibling or on to a friend! 

We are a family business based in sunny Brighton (UK) and, as parents ourselves, we hope to leave a better environment for our children. There are no differences between what we want for our family and what we ask from our brand. If there is an ecological way of doing something, we will always choose that path over profit.

This is who we are and always have been.

When it comes to producing clothing, throwaway or ‘fast’ fashion is a very tempting choice. It’s cheaper, quicker and is profit-led. However, our industry has a lot to answer for. We are responsible for a huge impact on our planet, causing damage to the environment with water and energy waste and the use of harmful chemicals. Not to mention the negative effects on human health and the unfair working conditions of millions of people. We strongly believe that this has to change.

As a brand we are committed to sustainability and for us, this is an ongoing process. We are continually learning and adapting our designs and processes to ensure we are proud of the garments we produce. Where we have choices, we always put sustainability first.

Like with many things in life, it’s definitely not black or white. Sustainability comes in many shades and this means doing as much as our resources allow. It’s a journey, but we have already achieved a lot.

Find out more about what we’re doing below.