About The bonniemob

Our story began in 2005 with the arrival of a little girl called Alice-Bee, the bonnie first-born of our founder, Tracey Samuel. Although Tracey didn’t know much about parenthood back then, she did have an impressive career in knitwear design and an imagination built for creating new fabrics and textures. Tracey set about designing modern, colourful & distinctive baby-knits with the expectation that you should ‘Buy once, buy well, pass it on’. Bonnie baby was born: Practical, tough-wearing, spirited baby clothes to be loved in, played in and passed around.
When Gwyneth Paltrow bought Bonnie baby's 'Apple of Daddy's Eye' sweater for her daughter, Apple, the brand was launched into the press in a pre-social media world, resulting in Tracey adopting the lucky charm 'apple motif' as the brand's logo.
Bonnie baby has grown up, introducing The bonnie mob. from The bonnie mob - Bonnie baby on Vimeo.
"Buy once. Buy well. Pass it on."
As Bonnie baby and our range of clothes grew, so did our family. Kids grow up fast, so what would Alice & and all our older ‘Bonnie babies’ wear now?
the bonnie mob
A new name and a new range to celebrate our 10th birthday, giving us all something to grow into. The bonnie mob represents the fearless and the fun-loving. The spirit of freedom and the wildness of childhood. For the den builders, the wildlife hunters, the felt-tip masterpiece makers... Playful clothes from newborn snuggles to seven-year old explorers that spark imagination and go on never-ending adventures - a touch of handmade, a pinch of vintage and a whole heap of durability. Who knows how our tactile universe will grow, or where our next adventure will take us, but our clothes will always be made with understanding, practicality and love.

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A family trip to New York this summer and a quiet stroll through Strawberry Fields in Central Park sparked my imagination and a newfound fascination for John Lennon. Coming home to our design studio in Brighton to immerse myself in all that was John and Yoko, I found myself listening to IMAGINE on repeat. It’s just a song, just a lyric, but those timeless words seem more relevant today than ever before. The AW19 collection embodies the sentiment of that song. Let’s spread some love and kindness, who doesn’t want to live life in peace?

The bonnie mob aw19 collection for baby and kids